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The First World War 1914-1918 was possibly the last major war in which air power had no major influence. The war was mainly fought between vast armies based in opposing trenches. Defenders had a great advantage over attackers and very small advances often came at great cost in human lives. Millions of soldiers ere killed on both sides and in Scotland few communities were unaffected.

Today, memorials to those killed in the 'Great War' can be found in all towns and villages. The list of names can seem very long when the small size of the communities is noted. For the war decimated the young males and its effects were felt for many years. The memorials also show that some families were particularly hard hit with some surnames much in evidence.

JIm Cheyne has compiled details of the men behind the names on the Aboyne War Memorial. These details are given on the accompanying pages and below he acknowledges the help he received.

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1914 – 1919

The details of those killed in this war are taken from the memorial in the Victory Hall, Aboyne. Further details were obtained from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, The Canadian Virtual War Memorial, National Archives of Canada and General Register Office for Scotland.

Surnames A to C D to L M to Z

Victory Hall, Aboyne
The Victory Hall in Aboyne has recently been refurbished

Acknowledgements My grateful thanks to Mrs Anne Park of Aberdeen for her considerable contribution in finding out the details of those that were killed... Anne had begun her researches before me but willingly passed over her information and continued to research on my behalf.

I would also like to thank Fred Davidson of Aboyne for his vast knowledge of Aboyne and its people, also Agnes Anderson, Harold Burnett, Liz Middleton and Dorothy White all of Aboyne.

If anyone has information or corrections I would be most grateful to receive this information which would be added to what we already have.

Jim Cheyne

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