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The history of Aboyne traces back to prehistory as with the other communities on Royal Deeside. The town as we know it - its full name is Charleston of Aboyne after the first Earl of Aboyne - came into being in 1676. The village was formerly known as Bunty or Bonty.

But there had long been a castle here - it was handed over to King Edward in 1291 and garrisoned by English troops. From about 1388 the castle and lands were owned by the family of the Marquis of Huntly. Many attractive buildings in or near Aboyne were built by Sir William Cunliffe Brooks, a banker who owned Glen Tanar in the late 19th Century.

Substantial articles, e.g. Wartime Poetry, are given their own section while shorter articles are grouped together under the heading of Aboyne History.

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Aboyne Castle
Aboyne Castle is owned by the Marquis of Huntly and was a Gordon stronghold

On this page we introduce several shorter articles, some of which were produced by the Aboyne History 2000 project. The articles are written by various contributors and are presented as written. There may be some overlap and differences but these represent different authors interpretations.

The articles published to date are by Jim Cheyne and Jane Kruuk. They are

Jim Cheyne : Bonty, James Thomson

Jane Kruuk : The Formaston Stone, Aboyne Gazebo

World War II 'pill-box'  Aboyne
World War II 'Pill-boxes' are found at each end of Aboyne

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