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Royal Deeside stretches about 60 miles from west to east. Within this area are numerous vibrant communities who perform a remarkable range of activities. Thus, for example, the number of clubs using the Victoria and Albert Halls Complex at Ballater seems at first sight unbelievable for a community of its size. Details on local activities are to be found on the individual area web-sites (see red buttons above).

Partly due to the distances involved and the possible difficulties of travelling between centres in severe winter weather, there are fewer community activities involving participants from more than one area. But the number of these activities is growing -especially during the summer months. Thus, for example, bridge club meetings in summer may be made up of members from several clubs. Nearly all of the clubs and association welcome visitors to take part in their activities.

The most formal inter-community activities tend to be based on the senior schools of Banchory and Aboyne. Both schools offer a range of sports activities and, in the winter months, educational classes and hobby classes. The Aboyne centre houses an active drama centre.

Once the area directories are complete, a combined directory will appear on this page.

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The annual flower show at Ballater is popular with both residents and visitors

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