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Ballater (RD) Ltd (or BRD) is a Scottish registered Charity and Company limited by Guarantee. It aims to utilise best practice to build capacity in the community; to undertake projects designed to sustain the local economy; to promote a sense of pride in the burgh of Ballater and surrounding area. BRD uses voluntary skills from within the communities. It has received private donations and public funding support from many sources, some of which are detailed on another page.

BRD has initiated several successful promotional projects including Royal Deeside Walking Festival and supported many others including this web-site. It is involved with Community Woodland, assessing community needs and local history. It is responsible for running the valuable community bus service which is manned by MiDAS-trained local volunteers. A guide to our activities is given below.

BRD is a member of the Royal Deeside Partnership and the Development Trust Association Scotland

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Ballater (RD) Ltd, or simply BRD, has helped many local projects both practically and financially. Some, like the Ballater Eagle, Ballater Victoria Week and the Geddes Project are well established with their own organising committees. Others, some of which are listed below, continue to be part of BRD’s commitments and we take a major part in both organising them and raising the necessary funds.

Ballater, Scotland Community Bus
The Ballater Community Bus

The Community Bus
The Community Bus is used by many groups within the community, on both regular and occasional bases. It is specially adapted for wheel-chair and easy access. BRD organises the management and servicing plus the supply and training of volunteer drivers. In 2008 a special fund was created and with generous help from the community and sponsors over £50,000 was raised for the purchase of a new bus.
Community Woodland
Ballater has many fine wooded areas both around and within the village. As the village expands so these areas come under greater threat. This project looks at current and future needs for wooded and open spaces.

Craigendarroch Hill Viewpoint
The information panel on the top of Craigendarroch Hill is enjoyed by visitors and locals. We have received many compliments on the initiative.

Ballater Community Notice-board
A new notice-board has been built at the centre of Ballater, BRD was responsible for the design and, with assistance from the Ballater & Crathie Community Council and the Ballater Business association, raised the funding required.

Ballater Community Notice-board

The new notice-board at Ballater blends with its surrounds - BRD helped to raise the funds required

Ballater One Voice Our Future (BOVOF)
This is a wonderful exercise in ‘local democracy’. Established by the Community Council with support from both the Cairngorms National Park Authority and Aberdeenshire Council, BOVOF has through surveys and a series of public meetings has established the main needs of the community. At the meetings residents could have their say on many matters without being under pressure. Many good new ideas - and opinions -have been put forward, some of which have now been put into practice while working groups have been set up to tackle other issues. BRD has provided strong administrative support and will play a key role in the implementation stage.

History with Boots On
Combining archaeology and outdoor activity, this project has set out to provide interpretive panels near sites of local historical interest. Guide-books and leaflets are available from the local Tourist Information Office (More)

Royal Deeside and Ballater website
BRD is a member of the Royal Deeside Partnership and maintains this website on behalf of itself and partners

Ballater Walking Festival

Taking a rest during Walking Week

Ballater Walking Festival
Held annually in May, Ballater Walking Festival is a success story attracting about 100 visitors to Ballater for a week of walking amongst the beautiful hills of the eastern Cairngorms National Park. Apart from giving an out of season boost to local businesses, it helps to promote the area as an attractive destination for walkers. (More)

Old School or new Ballater Centre?
Arising from opinions put forward at Planning for Real, a group investigated the possibility of converting the disused old school into a community asset. Many residents wanted to see these fine Victorian buildings being used for the community and various possibilities for use were suggested.

However, the project would have been a major undertaking and had two important constraints – it must be self-financing and it must not undermine the village halls. The group has carried out numerous study trips to similar centres in the east of Scotland and in 2005 commissioned a Feasibility Study which reported favourably. In 2011 the property was offered by Aberdeenshire Council to the North East Scotland Preservation Trust which, jointly with BRD, commissioned and Options Appraisal Study. This study returned a pessimistic report which indicated that in the current financial climate, they appeared few viable options.

Ballater Caravan Park
After several years of negotiating with Aberdeenshire Council, BRD started operating the caravan park for the benefit of the community as from April 2012. Some basic information about the caravan park can be found here but more details can be found on the caravan park's own website www.ballatercaravanpark.com.

In October 2011 a BRD steering group published a brief report on the actions taken to that date and the issues involved. A pdf version of this report (0.6Mb) can be downloaded.

BRD is part of the Royal Deeside Partnership. We acknowledge the help and support received from Cairngorms National Park Authority, Leader, Aberdeenshire Council and Marr Area Partnership.

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