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Some Pictures of Royal Deeside

Images of Royal Deeside, Scotland
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Given below are a few pictures of Royal Deeside. They are not of the prime tourism sites but show just a few of the scenes to be expected when visiting the area.

Clicking on the pictures causes a larger image to be opened in a new browser window. This larger image (approx. 256K bytes) can be downloaded. You are welcome to make use of these images for non-commercial reasons, e.g. as background images, or for promoting Royal Deeside. However, if you use any then we request that you acknowledge this web page as the source of the picture and provide a link.


The Salmon Pool : The Pony Paddock
The Gravestone : The Church Clock
Scots Pine : The Auld Brig o' Dee
The Postal Delivery : Ballater and the River Dee

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Salmon Pool   Pony Paddock
A salmon pool in the Dee near Aboyne is just one of many on this highly rated river.   Pony trekking is a popular pastime -here ponies graze in a paddock by South Deeside Road
gravestone 1596-1722   Church Clock
Gravestone for John Mitchell 1596 - 1722 in Glen Muick cemetery testifies to a healthy environment.   The granite buildings of Royal Deeside are part of our outstanding Victorian Heritage
Scots Pine   Auld Brig o' Dee
Fine stands of Scots Pine are a feature on many landscapes in Royal Deeside   The beautiful Brig o' Dee near Braemar was originally built for military purposes.
Postal Delivery   Ballater & River Dee
The postman delivering to a farm by the South Deeside Road near Balmoral Castle   The River Dee flows past Ballater on its way from the Cairngorms to Aberdeen.

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