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We need your help.

Welcome to this newly revised website for Royal Deeside. Please accept our apologies for any omissions and errors that you find. We are a small but hard-working group of 'volunteers'. We face the usual dilemma of either publishing our efforts to date or delaying until that magical date when we are completely satisfied. We believe it is better to take the former path and ask you, the reader, to help us get to our goal quicker.

Enquiries and comments from readers are constantly fascinating. They range from the expected to the very unexpected, from the mundane to the exotic. Some people are trying to contact friends or relatives, others are seeking information about ancestors who left Royal Deeside for the colonies many decades ago. Some will ask about wheelchair facilities others about the name of John Brown's brother. The list is endless, so please feel free to get in touch.

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Glenmuick Church, Ballater, Scotland
Glenmuick Church stand at the centre of Ballater in Royal Deeside

Do you run a business in Royal Deeside? Are you a member of a club or association in Royal Deeside?

If yes, then please look in the directories we publish. Please check the details of your business. If they are correct then please tell us. If they are wrong - or absent - please send us correct details.

Are you a resident of Royal Deeside?

We need help both at the general level and at the local level. We need articles, photographs, people willing to collect data etc. If you are willing to help we would like to hear from you.

All visitors to this site

Whether you are a resident of Royal Deeside or simply visiting this web-site we would like to hear your views of the website. We have many questions we would like answered such as 'Did you like what you saw? Was it easy to navigate? What would you like to be added?' and many more. But rather than set you questions to answer or give you a form to fill we ask you to tell us in you own words what you thought. We will welcome any positive suggestions and will try hard to send you a reply.

A note on copyright. The material on this site has copyright but normally Ballater (RD) Ltd will grant permission for material to be copied for non-commercial purposes which are not prejudicial to Royal Deeside. To gain permission please e-mail us with your request or contact us by telephone or post.

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