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Royal Deeside : Villages and Small Communities

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The western half of Royal Deeside lies within the Cairngorms National Park and much of the area consists of beautiful mountains and glens. It is very sparsely populated with the biggest centre, Banchory, having a population of a few thousand people. Nonetheless, even in this area of small communities some are smaller than others. In this section information is given about some of these smaller communities. The number of these villages increases as you go east into the lower lying and more fertile farmlands around Banchory.

The principal communities are listed - from east to west - below.

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Tarland, Royal Deeside, Scotland
Looking towards the village of Tarland, Royal Deeside

Banchory Area
Drumoak: close to Drum Castle on A93
Durris: south of River Dee opposite Drumoak

Crathes: close to Crathes Castle on A93
Strachan: south of River Dee, south west of Banchory

Aboyne Area
Torphins: north of A93 midway between Banchory and Aboyne
Finzean: south of River Dee, midway between Banchory and Aboyne
Kincardine O'Neil : ancient village on A93
Lumphanan : north of Kincardine o' Neil
Birse : south of River Dee, south-east of Aboyne
Tarland : north of River Dee, northwest of Aboyne

Ballater Area
Dinnet : on A93 at edge of Muir of Dinnet
Logie Coldstone : north-west of Tarland
Crathie : by Balmoral Castle on A93

Braemar area

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